"It is not the food in your life. It is the life in your food." -Anonymous


"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." ~Albert Einstein


Welcome to the

Eternal Sands of Time


This site is designed to be a resource tool to those who believe we were each created just right. It is dedicated to those who are looking for the truth and want everyone around them to be, at the very least, informed of the truth whether they choose to follow it or not.

I am of the mind that we have become too busy to do our own thinking sometimes and, unintentionally, rely on our current culture of sound bites, so this site is just to stimulate one to do one's own research. When doing said research, I implore all to use strong critical thinking skills and always take into account the sources of all information!

These pages will speak mostly of the human body's innate ability to heal itself, and how to create a daily environment, to the best of our ability, which will allow our bodies and minds to best prosper and feel true peace.

I link to many resources and those resources are growing every day as people are beginning to understand that all this new science and money being poured into research is not stopping the pandemic growth of health issues. Children are dying of "old people" diseases and these diseases become common-place and start to be accepted as a "part of life"!

I speak from the perspective of someone struggling with everyday battles of economics, health, family dynamics, career stress, coworkers, customers, spiritual understanding, etc....

I am not a doctor nor a professional in health care nor do I make any money, in any part, from this website or lifestyle. My dream, someday, is to have a chain of Vegan, Living Foods establishments, designed to give people a quick, healthy and tasty alternative to the Fast Food chains that mar the surface of our entire planet.

I can only share from the experience of those I've met and of that which I've lived.

This site will be as the food I glorify... Living. It is an ongoing process and will stay that way, ever changing.

You are welcome to send feedback and/or questions. This is not my career, so I will respond as soon as possible.


We will explore:

-Fuel for our bodies
-Light for our minds
-Peace for our souls

Come join me and add your light to mine...

Living Food for Our Bodies training

"Image of Live FoodNature's Proven Way to Health and Tasty Eating" is a comprehensive, live training seminar taught by Certified Living on Live Foods Teacher, Mary DL Brown. Mom's EMAIL Mom's Website She's also my mom.... ;-) Click on About Us to learn more about my mom and me. Here is a neat video of my mom sharing some quick health concepts. She's so cute!!! (Arnold's Way Youtube)

You can book a live seminar with Mom in the Western Massachusetts Hampden/Hampshire County area!


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