"It is not the food in your life. It is the life in your food." -Anonymous


"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." ~Albert Einstein


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Remembering how to feel healthy...

My Wake up Call

Four years ago, I was working extreme amounts of hours in Manhattan both in front of a computer and entertaining customers in the best Manhattan restaurants with a corporate credit card. Manhattan customers expect the "best" and my health, not that good to begin with, started to really break down. Now I was never a health conscience person. I even smoked and drank.

Looking back, I was pretty luckly because, even then, I had something against medication. Even aspirin was not something I used. Since my early twenties, I had become one that didn't want to "hide the pain". So I didn't have any added pharmaceutical toxins in my body. My problem was smoking and food/drink intake.

So, at the age of 44, (see me then) I experienced my first yeast infection. Oh my... what an experience I never want to have again! I decided it was so bad that I went to the drugstore to buy an off-the-shelf product. When I read the label, it had so many warnings that I decided I should see a doctor for a checkup BEFORE using it... (I never go to doctors... not because I thought I was taking care of myself, but I just didn't like the idea of being given medication for everything.)

So, I put my company health insurance to first use and went to see my doctor. My doctor was a general practitioner (I know! How many of THOSE are left...) And he was in his late fifties to early sixties...

After he saw my blood work results, he looked at me and said that he didn't know why I wasn't dead...

He said my blood glucose mg/dl levels were in the 500s... He then immediately told me he would have to put me on medication right away and that I'd have to be on it the rest of my life.

Well... hmmmm... What do you think was the first thought in my mind? It wasn't shock. It wasn't fear. It was just pure embarrassment. That's right. All I could do was think of my Mom who had been trying to drill healthy living into all us kids for about 25 years. I actually felt like I had dishonored her. (Amazing since I didn't listen to most of what she had to say anyway, and didn't follow any of her instructions... ;D)

Well. My immediate response to the doctor was, "Thank you for the diagnosis, Doctor. Just give me 30 days and I'll be back for you to test me again. I know how to take care of this." Well, the doctor became very concerned and recommended that I didn't try to continue forward without medication and made it clear how dangerous it would be to attempt it.

I told him, firmly, that I would be back in 30 days and he scheduled me for another blood test and a visit...

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Mom was Right All Along... (aarrrggghhh...)

Folks... you don't know my mom. She's 5' 4" and an unbelievable little dynamo. At that time in my life, mom was 72 yrs old.

Mom had been telling us all about nutrition since she brought herself back from illness in her early 50's. She couldn't drive her car more than 15 minutes without having to pull to the side of the road and take a nap! I'll let her tell her own detailed story, but suffice it to say the when the doctor asked her how much she drank and she said she MAYBE had 10 drinks in her entire life up to that time, he thought she was lying to him. The food she was eating all those years, was fermenting in her body and created the symptoms of alcohol. (See Food Combining and Digestion info)

Through a book called Fit for Life, Mom began a journey that not only healed her, but made her more clear, fit and energetic in her 70s then we'd ever known her before her 50s.

This is why I told the doctor that I'd take care of it. It seems that, although I thought I hadn't been listening all those years, my mom's loving persistence drilled some knowledge through to me and I immediately started on juicing and blending whole, LIVE and organic plant-based (Vegan) foods.

I started the day:
with a shot of wheatgrass (See resource page)

For breakfast on the way to work:
I blended two organic Granny Smith apples and one organic banana with 1/2 lb organic mixed greens (or other dark, leafy greesn) and either distilled water or Rejuvelac (I prefer Rejuvelac for the Probiotics)(See resource page), in my Vitamix for my trip either in the car or on the train. (for diabetics, any sweet fruit MUST be taken together with dark leafy greens so that the body can digest the sugars in a healthy way).

For lunch at work:
I ate a salad made from a 1 lb bin of organic mixed greens with an organic tomato, organic red pepper and organic avocado. (I started eating this salad with an organic cold-pressed olive oil, garlic and sea-salt dressing but learned about more delicious dressings later that were healthier).

For dinner:
I'd make an Ann Wigmore's "Energy Soup".

For supplements: Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid.

With plenty of filtered/distilled water and Rejuvelac in between meals (do not drink liquids that are not part of a recipe WITH meals), this regime was the foundation of my healing diet and altered with additions of raw, sprouted/soaked seeds, beans and nuts and probiotics of either Rejuvilac or, water based Kefir. (Always keeping the all important Food Combining regime in mind even when I found myself having to eat cooked or processed foods, which was less than once per month)

Image of GrapesBack to Doc...

Well. I went back after only 30 days and my blood glucose mg/dl levels where 85. My doctor shook his head, congratulated me and told me that, although he was impressed, that I could not possibly continue this way and that I should still take medication. He scheduled ANOTHER blood test 30 days later. Same result... Folks. I did it a third time and, on each occasion, my levels stayed between 85 and 95.

One can see why I lean toward the path I do. Along with healing my pancreas, some OTHER things happened to me. I lost weight. My skin had a healthy glow I hadn't had in years! My eyesight improved 3 prescriptions (10 years and still improving). My clarity of mind and feeling of wellbeing was off the charts.

I continued this way for a long time, until I went to Europe on vacation. I let all the good work drop. I didn't work hard to look for healthy alternatives and, together with my very NON-vegan friend, I ate and drank things I should not have. This was only a week and a half vacation, but it took me off track for a long time. Once I was back home, I commenced with the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) and felt bad. I was depressed again. Run down. It was sooooo hard to concentrate and really give a darn about anything. I was in a position at work in which I didn't want to be and that was supposedly temporary and was promised that I would be moved but nothing was happening. My stress level went through the roof which added to the toxicity of my body. After a few months, my sugar levels started coming up.

Thank goodness for my diabetes tester. That's the thing that slapped me on the backside. I started following a healthier path again. I didn't get back to the 100% raw I was doing for healing my diabetes, but I stick with the more than 85% rule. My diabetes has not come back and I feel better every day. I am far from perfectly healthy but my momentum is in the right direction. I still fall on my face sometimes, but I forgive myself, pick myself up and "sin no more".

At home, I'm perfectly happy with the wonderfully delicious live foods I eat. It's both satisfying in the tummy as well as the palate. It's being with my friends and out in environments that don't have healthy alternatives that are my biggest obstacles. That's why I'm always looking for like minds!

I share all this information, not only to help others, but to help myself. Thank you for listening and enjoy the rest of the site!!






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