"It is not the food in your life. It is the life in your food." -Anonymous


"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." ~Albert Einstein


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Raw Living Food Restaurants/Markets This is a great resource for locating vegan and/or raw food friendly restaurants and markets in your area. This is world-wide! Join and add any locations you see are missing. The owner of this site is a very good soul.


Near my hometown of Belchertown, MA 01007, we have the following:

Wholefoods (Note: I find it harder and harder to find organic produce at these locations. I prefer co-ops.)

Karma Restaurant - Personally my favorite restaurant in the area.
Formally at 48 Main St (at Pleasant) Northampton, MA 01060 413-727-8143
NEW LOCATION, TO OPEN IN MAY-JUNE 2012!!! Karma will be relocating to the Hampton Inn Village Shops in Hadley (formerly known as the Hadley Village Barn Shops) in late spring.

Veggie cafe, juice bar, and retail space. Offers a variety of menu items focusing on raw vegan dishes with a few cooked vegan items and vegan sandwiches. Fresh juices, wheatgrass, exilirs. Cafe service from 10:30am. There is a lounge on the second floor and a Wellness Learning Center on the third floor. Has outdoor seating. Wheelchair accessible. Accepts credit cards.

Trader Joe's - 375 Russell Street Hadley, MA 01035 413-587-3260
This is a place to find organic and hard to find foods. Not much produce but some great vegan items. Make sure you read labels! I like it sometimes because I can buy in small quantities.

River Valley Market Co-op - My favorite market in the area. Lots of organic, raw, vegan selections.
330 North King Street Northampton, MA 01060  413-584-2665

A note on large-chain supermarkets: In our area, we primarily have Stop & Shop and Big Y. Years ago, my mother was instrumental in getting the big chains in our area to carry larger varieties of organic produce. It is soooo important to have a clean, organic supply of produce. People complain that produce is so expensive. Well, if the government didn't subsidize meat, a 2 oz steak at the meat counter would cost $50. If the government matched the subsidized ratio, you would see a tremendous decrease in produce price. We have to all fight for this. The meat and dairy industry is as powerful as the oil and pharmaceutical industries. Again, do your own research!

Retreats / Healing Centers

Regency Wellness Resort and Spa -
2000 S. Ocean Dr Hallandale, FL 33009 954-454-2220
Although not raw, they are vegan. HOWEVER, My mom, older sister and I did not go there for the food, we went there for a water fast under a water-fast expert, Dr. Frank Sabatino. My mom went 7 days and my sister and I went 9 days. It was a fantastic experience and I can't wait to do a 21 day fast someday.

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center -
686 Harshaw Rd Patagonia, AZ 85624 866-394-2520
This retreat is owned by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Although I haven't gone there myself, my sister did, for a liver cleansing to help with her arthritis and was very happy with the results and the knowledge she gained. I owe my health to Dr. Cousens by following his guidance. I urge people to research his books and videos. There is ALOT on youtube about him. He is truly a holistic man. An M.D., Psychiatrist, Shaman, Rabbi, etc. He heals the spirit as well as the body. It does not matter who you worship. His guidance does not interfere with any other beliefs. Mental and Spiritual stress are a prominent factor in health because of the chemistry it creates in the body. Stress creates acid, which we all know, creates a breeding ground for disease.

The Gerson Institute - San Diego, CA 92176 (619)-685-5353
If the most important person in my life had cancer, I would bring them to the Gerson Institute's Licensed facility in Mexico, Clinica Nutricion y Vida.

The cure/prevention for 97% of cancers and other degenerative diseases was discovered in 1928. Do your own research on Dr. Max Gerson.

Why aren't United States doctors practicing these alternative methods? Because they can lose their license. The only way they are allowed to treat cancer is my Radiation, Chemo, or Surgery. Do your own research on this. Think about it. If 97% of cancers and other degenerative diseases were cured, how many people would be out of a job? (Don't forget the pharmaceutical companies and those politicians they support).

The Gerson Institute was founded in 1977 by Charlotte Gerson, Dr. Max Gerson’s daughter (see this video on Max), as a non-profit organization to carry on her father’s work. For over 30 years the Gerson Institute has preserved the pioneering, revolutionary nutritional therapy developed by Dr. Max Gerson, and brought hope and healing to people across the globe suffering from chronic illness and degenerative disease. The Gerson Institute is dedicated to healing and preventing chronic and degenerative diseases based on the vision, philosophy and successful work of Max Gerson, MD. The Gerson Therapy is a powerful, natural treatment that activates the body's own healing mechanism through consuming organic vegetarian foods and juices, detoxification and natural supplements.

(Charlotte Gerson is 89 years old as of 2011, and has NEVER had even ONE bite of ANY animal product. Ever. Look up her videos in youtube and see how clear, intelligent and articulate she is!)

RawSoul Retreat - Santa Fe, New Mexico
Raw Soul restaurant is my ALL time favorite restaurant! I went there every chance I could get. Unfortunately, it only opened at 4pm and it was in the heart of Harlem in Manhattan and I worked in Hell's Kitchen. It wasn't convenient, but totally work it. Their living foods fare was mouth-watering with every bite. One day, I brought my visiting mom there for Mother's Day and we found the place had been closed!! I was devastated! When I arrived at home, I immediately went online to find out what happened. Well, sad for me but happy for them, they relocated to New Mexico to reopen AND to create a retreat! Well, folks, you can be I will find myself there at my first opportunity and I'm confident in giving this a thumbs up only from my dealing with this establishment and their owners. Good luck Ms. Lillian and Eddie! Hope to see you soon!

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